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Our wholesale division is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality coffee products and outstanding customer service.

Our operational efficiency and devotion to quality coffee ensures the lowest price possible for the complete service.

However if there are some elements of service not required by the customer, the price can be lowered commensurately.




We roast to meet demand which means that the same roasted coffee that we retail, we also wholesale. In fact we don’t warehouse any roasted coffee beans at all.

Each day we plan a our new coffee roasting list according to what roasted coffees are required to meet wholesale, retail and Internet customer demand that day. So the roasted coffee beans you order today will be fresh roasted every time.


Hand-On Roasting


We take a “hands-on” approach with all our coffees. Each coffee is roasted individually in small batches which we believe is the best way to unlock a coffee’s true potential. Our “Drum Roasters” provide remarkably even heat distribution and control. Unlike computerised roasters “hands-On Roasting” allow us to adjust the roast profile of each individual coffee at the precise time so that outside variables like humidity, temperature and barometric pressure never negatively impact upon our roasts.

Been “hands-on” provides the opportunity to respond immediately to changes in the roasting process by sight, smell and sound so as to capture just the right flavours at just the right moment.

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