Wholesale, Private Label and Contract Roasting

Our wholesale division is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality roasted coffee products and outstanding customer service. Cafeina Roasters Pty Ltd mission from the date of its inception has been to provide:

Fresh “roast to order” coffee beans
Highest quality roasted Arabica coffee beans
Exceptional roasted coffee blends at a reasonable price, and
Outstanding customer service

At Cafeina Roasters Pty Ltd, every customer is important regardless of size, so we pride ourselves in ensuring that each and every customer receives a quality product time after time.


Our operational efficiency and devotion to quality coffees ensures the lowest price possible for the complete service.

But if there are some elements of service not required by the customer, the price can be lowered commensurately.

For example, the cost of gourmet-type roasted coffees creates a substantial premium. The cost difference in various types of equipment can translate into a spread of up to $10.00 per kilo on roasted coffee purchased. The frequency of the number of deliveries (transactions) has a similar effect.

So if price is a consideration, we certainly can meet that standard, too. In summary, our corporate purpose is incorporated in the slogan –

“A perfect coffee is a hassle-free coffee.”


Been part of Cafeina Roasters Pty Ltd also means that together we can develop a line of Single Origin or Blended roasted coffees to suit your label or business.


Cafeina Roasters Pty Ltd offers basic Barista training to all our wholesale clients at no additional charge. This training ensures that your cafe, restaurant, office, or establishment is able to produce a beautiful cup of coffee every time.

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